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Introducing Sex Toys into your Relationship

Introducing Sex Toys into your Relationship

Posted by Jennifer on Jan 04, 2022

Incorporating sex toys in your relationship can improve your sex life and bring couples closer together. If you have been pondering the idea of using a sex toy with your partner, you may not know how to introduce one into the relationship. First of all, do you feel comfortable with your partner? If you answered yes, but are not sure how he or she would react to the idea of using a sex toy, here are some tips to bring the idea up and begin your sex toy adventures together.

If you have never used a vibrator before, you may want to do some research on various web sites. There are a number of web sites that sell sex toys that provide product reviews from customers like yourself. Looking at adult toy sites can also help you understand the different types of toys that are available and may even have an entire section devoted to sex toys for couples. For example, there are vibrating Rings for the Penis with a clitoral stimulator attached that are worn by the male to enhance the sensations for both partners during sexual intercourse. If a vibrating erection ring does not seem right for you, check out some of the more traditional vibrators that are simple to use such as the Velvet Kiss We Scream Classic Vibe or Slender Tulip 7 Function Vibrator.

If you want more assistance, but do not feel comfortable enough to go to a physical store, contact a store online; many have online chats as well as access to text message and email services. The customer service department are accustomed to helping customers that are new to purchasing adult toys and can provide helpful suggestions on what sex toy is right for you and your partner. You can always reach us through our customer service portal.

Once you become more knowledgeable about different sex toys, bring up the topic to your partner when you are in a comfortable atmosphere. Maybe tell your partner that you would like to explore something new with them and feel that incorporating a sex toy into the relationship will be an exciting journey together. Make sure they do not feel offended and reassure them that it is not about them not being a good lover. It is about sharing something intimate and special together. If they have any questions, let them know you have been doing some research on some products.

If your partner is willing to try it out, build the excitement of the experience by shopping for one together. Look online with your partner and browse the different products that you have done research on. Make sure you let your partner have some input on what products they would like to try. You may want to try several different types. Maybe try a traditional vibe, a small clitoral vibrator and an erection ring. I would also suggest buying a personal lubricant (Water-based is safe with ALL Sex Toys, while Silicone can be damaging to products that are soft) to use with your sex toys to make sure the experience is a pleasurable and comfortable one. Add a Sex Toy Cleaner to your order to maintain your adult products and keep them hygienic and clean.

Once you have placed your order for the sex toys with us, plan a special night together. Share a nice dinner at home with candlelight, and then work your way to dessert. 

Using sex toys can be exciting, fun, and make your relationship even more fulfilling!

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