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Beginner's Buying Guide- Anal Plugs

Beginner's Buying Guide- Anal Plugs

Posted by Haley on Jan 04, 2022

What did one butt plug say to the other butt plug? Nothing- they were both uptight assholes!

Butt plugs are sex toys designed to penetrate your anus. If you're new to the world of anal play, the concept may seem a little off-putting or even taboo. Rest assured, the vast market of butt plugs and other anal play toys means that there are more than a handful of people have found the right way to make anal play a pleasurable experience.

If you plan on engaging in anal play with a partner, it's necessary to have those open conversations. If you want to try this in a couple's situation, begin an honest dialogue. Remember: consent without pressure is hot. If you're on the other end of the conversation with a partner that wants to introduce anal play with butt plugs, be open minded. Do your research and express any concerns or hesitations.

What, What in the Butt

First things first: anal play is not for everyone. If it's your thing, that's awesome. If it's not- that's ok too. SpicyGear is all about exploring yourself in all areas, in fact we have a departments that is only Anal Sex Toys. I've heard horror stories from friends about starting their anal play experiences with butt plugs they simply weren't ready for. If that happens, you're completely- and understandably- turned off to the entire idea. If that happened to you, I'm sorry. And if you're open to beginning or restarting your anal play journey, keep reading!

Scientifically, your sphincter (butthole) is lined with SUPER sensitive nerve endings. If you can stimulate that in the right way, you can open yourself up to a whole new world of pleasure. For women in particular, adding an anal plug to penetrative sex can increase pressure in your vaginal wall, which increases overall pleasure and can intensity orgasms. For men, butt plugs stimulate your prostate. Basically, butt plugs are for everyone!

My best advice for anal play is: start small, like really small. Try starting out using a finger with plenty of lube. Explore, understand, and (hopefully) appreciate the new sensations. If you like it, then it may be time to invest in a small butt plug AND a very good lube. Unlike vaginas, your anus does not self lubricate and it's important to maintain a good level of lubrication while engaging in anal play to increase satisfaction and protect yourself from discomfort. For our Buying Guide for Lubricants, click here!

You Wanna Put What in My Butt?

Whatever you do- don't go for the first one you come across with the pretty jewel or the tail. That can be a rookie mistake, ruining your idea of anal play and flat out being uncomfortable. Here's my attempt at a sports analogy: you're gonna start in the Pee-Wee league. But don't worry! You can move up to the pro league all in good time.

Many manufacturers produce anal training kits. They're usually all the same material and shape. Typically, the anal training kit will include 3-5 butt plugs which increase in size to help you move from the Pee-Wee league to the pro league. Personally, I would still recommend buying a small starter butt plug. If you enjoy it, then consider an anal training kit that's the same shape and uses the same material as your starter.

While you're still getting used to anal play with butt plugs, I advise "priming" yourself with a well-lubed finger first- yours or your partner's! This may be something you can work away from or you can embrace it, enjoy it, and make it a permanent part of your anal play experience. Complete relaxation might not come easy at first so be sure to take a few deep breaths and try not to tense up your body. Instruct your partner to be gentle and take it slow.

Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of anal play and butt plugs in cleanliness. Anything that goes in or near your butt must be clean to protect against infection. Fingers and toys alike should be washed before and after anal play. A good antibacterial toy cleaner is an absolute must and fingers need to be washed with an antibacterial soap. Be careful with soaps that are overly scented, especially if you have sensitive skin. For our Buyer’s Guide for Toy Cleaners, click (here).

Anal Plugs - Staff Picks (Our Favorites)

Keep in mind, these are our picks for beginners. This list includes a few of our best starter butt plugs as well as anal training kits. We have a list of our Staff Picks for medium and large butt plugs, anal beads, and other assorted anal play sex toys here

Luxe Beginner Butt Plug by Blush Novelties

As the name implies, this is a great choice for beginners. It's slim and tapered in shape. This allows for easy insertion. The base allows for the plug to not be over-inserted and aids in easy removal. This butt plug is made of body safe PVC and is easy to keep clean. Insertion length is 3.5 inches and 1 inch wide.

Glas 5 inch Rosebud Glass Butt Plug | SpicyGear.comGlas 5 inch Rosebud Glass Butt Plug

Yes, it's glass BUT it's tempered glass.  You basically have to TRY to break it and I really recommend that you don't.  It's cute, it's small, and it's dishwasher friendly. Weird selling point, I know. The rose at the base is a safety feature so it doesn't get overinsterted, requiring an awkward but common hospital visit. This runs at 5 inches with the rose so it's about 3.75 inches insertable length.

Firefly Prince Butt Plug by NS Novelties

This is a personal favorite of mine because of the base and tapered shape. The base itself is curved so it contours perfectly to the shape of your butt once inserted. The ring on the base allows for super easy removal. This is another product that comes in a few pretty glow in the dark colors. It's 2.3 insertable inches and is 1 inch in circumference. It's made of body safe silicone which is a personally preferred sex toy material- velvety smooth.

Silicone Anal Excersier Kit by California Exotic Novelties

This set of 3 anal training butt plugs is is perfect for beginners. The graduated sizes allow you to work your way up to larger butt plugs in increments. Each butt plug increases in insertable length and circumference to allow for anal training whole maintaining safety and satisfaction. These are flexible and have a satin smooth finish thanks to body safe silicone. The small butt plug measures 3 insertable inches by 1 inch circumference. The medium butt plug measures 3.5 insertable inches by 1.25 inches in circumference. The large butt plug measures 4.25 insertable inches by 1.5 inches in circumference.

Anal Adventures Platinum Silicone Loop Plug Kit by Blush Novelties

This kit features 3 tapered butt plugs and has my favorite feature- a firm ring at the base for super easy removal. This kit's butt plugs gradually increase in insertable length and circumference. Made of Blush Novelties's signature Ultrasilk silicone, these butt plugs warm up after insertion from your body heat. The small butt plug measures 1.75 insertable inches by 1 inch circumference. The medium butt plug measures 2.75 insertable inches by 1.25 inches in circumference. The large butt plug measures 3.5 insertable inches by 1.5 inches in circumference.

Prisms Dosha 3 Piece Glass Anal Plug Kit by XR Brands

I know what you're thinking- GLASS? These are different from the previous rubber and silicone butt plugs in this list and you're right they're different- but they are different in the best way. I promise that these will not break inside you as long as they're used properly- you'd have to try to break them and I definitely do not recommend that. These are tapered in shape and gradually increase in insertable length and circumference. Since they're made of glass, these are great for people with skin allergies or sensitivities. These are great if you're into temperature play. A quick dip in cold water or hot water brings a whole new element to your anal play experience. Obviously, be cautious with temperature play. If it's too cold, you could injure yourself. If it's too hot, you will burn yourself. Also note that while this is a training kit, these butt plugs are a bit larger than the previous Staff Picks listed. The small butt plug measures 4 insertable inches by 1.35 inches in circumference. The medium butt plug measures 4.5 insertable inches by 1.35 inches in circumference. The large butt plug measures 5 insertable inches by 1.55 inches in circumference.

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